You want to have smooth, beautiful skin as much as anyone else, and you’re probably tired of having to deal with embarrassing imperfections. Well now you can easily get rid of them with Keity Body Cream.

Main benefits of the cream / How Keity works

Leaves your skin soft and smooth

This body cream provides fast absorbing moisture to give you a deeply moisturized, and soft skin. Everyday, your skin is exposed to damaging environmental factors, therefore this cream is designed to penetrate the outermost layer of the skin to renew your skin.

Curing imperfections

The non-greasy, fast absorbing formula relieves many skin conditions by penetrating multiple skin layers. experience healing powers like never before with this skin cream, leaving you with a beautiful, smooth skin with an even tone and free of those stubborn skin tags.

A multi-layer formula

Keity Body Cream is formulated with a special blend of glycerin, to draw moisture to the skin, and also vaseline jelly, which is highly nourishing.

Heals dryness at the source

It penetrates through 5 layers of skin to heal from within and deeply nourish that extra dry skin with a unique blend including Vitamins C, E, and B5.

Long-lasting hydration

Leave a pumice stone in your bathroom and use it often when you are under the shower. Make sure to apply less pressure to soft skin and more to drier skin when giving your feet a scrub- down.

Visible results

Skin is visibly in a better condition after using it, more luminous, and tone and texture is noticeably improved, imperfections fading fast.

Powerful formula

Keity offers a long- term hydration due to its special formula. When it comes to hydrating dry skin, it is really important to look for products that provide long- lasting moisture and that retain the skin’s natural moisture.

About us:

Herbal cream


Keeps the skin clean

Helps with different skin conditions

Smoothes skin

Price: € 15.99


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